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Let’s talk #DeFi: Live Video #AMA with @imikhalev, Expert Principal at Boston Consulting Group and @ericnode , COO at, hosted by our EVP @maggie__Ng starts now on our YouTube Channel.
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LIVE VIDEO #AMA hosted by @Maggie__Ng, featuring @imikhalev, Expert Principal at Boston Consulting Group and @ericnode, COO at, will kick off in just a few hours on's Official YouTube Channel. Don't miss out!
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Live Video #AMA with @imikhalev, Expert Principal at Boston Consulting Group and @ericnode, COO at on our YouTube channel, 1 Dec 1PM UTC hosted by @Maggie__Ng.

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Nov Updates:
🏷In-Principle Approval: Financial Institution & Class 3 VFA Licenses
💳 Visa Card Coming to Canada
📈Margin Trading Live
🔁DeFi Wallet Supports DeFi Swap
✅Visa Fast Track Membership
🔒Tier 4 NIST Cybersecurity Rating
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Join us at @PBWSummit for our COO @ericnode’s keynote on “CeFi vs DeFi” at 8:00am UTC on 9 Dec (4:00pm HKT)!

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